Short Fiction

The links below will take you to some of my tales, and also provide opportunities to peer into some of the twisted crevices of my mind. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


In a digital world, even existence itself can be fleeting.

Available on the Creepy Podcast patreon: Nov 6 2023.


High school dreams don’t always hold up to harsh reality

3 min. read


For an insomniac, the bed can sometimes feel like a dark seductress, luring you into her soft embrace. But within her linens, she hides a torture rack.

3 min. read

The Thing

The smallest of things can lead to huge consequences.

4 min. read


On the way down, will there be time to even consider the 100 words in this story?

<1 min. read

The Consultant

Time once gone is gone forever. Or is it?
6 min. read


The ways of Faerie are not our ways.
1 min. read


Pretty flowers and sweet words are often not enough.
2 min. read

Mothers Day

The bonds between mother and daughter are never forgotten.
6 min. read

The Visit

The boundaries that separate life from death are not always so solid.
4 min. read


When the flames begin to play, who will join the dance?
12 min. read

Thicker Than Water

Going home is often the hardest journey.
Published in Abstract Jam issue 5, Dec 2016.

Best Served Cold

Retribution can be quite tasteful.
4 min. read

A Box of Hope

Even the tiniest spark is visible when the night is darkest.
7 min. read

Back in August 2001, the good folks at Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine – specifically Babs Lakey, the editor, took a chance on an unknown author and provided him with his first publication for a piece of fiction, a 2000-word piece entitled “The Perfect Marriage.”

More Coming Soon…

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