The Church of Kurt – has one member and no intentions of recruiting any more. Please note that if you attempt to join, I will quit.

Which should tell you right away that for me, spirituality is definitely not the same as religion.

Spirituality is a defining force in my life, so everything I do or say ties back to it. It’s my connection to Nature, my purpose, the roots of my soul. In the end, my spirituality is my unique path.

I think this guy looks like he’s also figured that out:


Religion is something I look at as a way to share parts of my spirit with my greater community. It’s much like I’d prepare a meal for a large dinner party – taking everyone’s likes and dislikes into account before deciding which items to include and which to exclude. What I show the community in terms of shared religious practices is never everything I consider to be part of my spiritual path.

Anyway, here’s a list of links below tied to various things I’m involved in, and while I certainly believe in all of these things, none of them alone fully define who I am.  These are just things which resonate; they make my spirit feel good:

Church of the Greenwood – As an officer of the church, I’m proud of how far we’ve come toward our goals of building understanding and tolerance in the mainstream community. We’re growing in what we’re offering toward sponsoring Pagan religious and educational activities, clergy training, workshops, talks, festivals and youth programs.

The Troth – I volunteer as a steward for this Northern European Pagan group. In light of recent events and controversies, I’m especially proud about being part of a Heathen group that has taken such strides to distance itself from the small-minded bigotry too often associated with the practice of Asatru.

Mystic Circle – This is a private group, a bunch of pagans who follow very individual spiritual paths, but we manage to continuously learn from one another and celebrate common ground together. Sam and I were there when we got things started at Beltane in 1999, and we’re still going strong.

Úthellingu Kindred – Úthellingu means “outpouring” in Icelandic – an allusion to the tale of the mead of poetry pouring out from Odin’s beak, and also to our roots in Oswego (which is an Iroquois word that means the same thing). This is my local Heathen group, and together we practice ritual, pay honor to our gods and ancestors, and help one another grow in our spiritual quests.

Central New York Pagan Pride Project – Central New York PPD is an annual project, a day-long festival in September where we get together with 1500 or so of our closest friends in the local area. I may look exhausted the day of the festival, but as the local coordinator, I’m glad to be able to play a major part in this community event.

Pagan Chaplaincy at Syracuse University – As an assistant Pagan chaplain at SU, I’m privileged to be able to work with the students, both Pagan and otherwise, as well as take part in other activities in/around Hendrick’s Chapel.


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