The links below will take you to some of my published work, and also provide opportunities to peer into some of the twisted crevices of my mind. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

When the flames begin to play – will you join the dance?
12 min. read

   The Consultant
Time and tide wait for no man. But for a determined woman…
5 min. read

   The Visit
Those we remember will be with us always.
3 min. read – starts on page 41

   Thicker Than Water
Going home is often the hardest journey.
Thicker than Water was published in Abstract Jam issue 5, Dec 2016.

best-served-cold   Best Served Cold
A tale of tasteful retribution.
4 min. read

A Box of Hope  A Box of Hope
Even the tiniest spark is visible when the night is darkest.
7 min. read

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