The links below will take you to some of my published work, and also provide opportunities to peer into some of the twisted crevices of my mind. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Update – sadly, I’ve had to take a couple links down, as those publications seem to have disappeared without a trace. Such is the nature of publishing!

When the flames begin to play – will you join the dance?
12 min. read

   The Consultant
Time and tide wait for no man. But for a determined woman…
The Consultant was originally published in Chantwood Magazine, September 2017.

   The Visit
Those we remember will be with us always.
The Visit was originally published in Chantwood Magazine, May 2017.

   Thicker Than Water
Going home is often the hardest journey.
Thicker than Water was published in Abstract Jam issue 5, Dec 2016.

best-served-cold   Best Served Cold
A tale of tasteful retribution.
4 min. read

A Box of Hope  A Box of Hope
Even the tiniest spark is visible when the night is darkest.
7 min. read

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