Stumbling Through…

“Stumbling through” seems an appropriate start to this endeavor. See, I’m one of those people who can never be entirely happy delving into any one subject too deeply, so I spend no shortage of time in what I’d call stumble mode – learning the basics, getting my feet wet, getting myself just to the point where I start to feel competent. Then it’s time to shift my focus to another interest and start stumbling all over again.

As for “the Shadows” – that’s a deeper topic. The fiction I write tends to deal with the darker side of the world, and so too does most of what I read. There’s something wonderfully cathartic about dark fiction – a release of emotions that otherwise might never see the…er…light of day. My spiritual work also leans toward the darker side of the house – I just feel very much at home communing with the dead.

So what’s this all about? Why a blog in an era where attention spans grow ever shorter? It comes down this – I can’t always say everything that’s on my mind in a FB post, and certainly not in a tweet. I need a place where I can express longer ideas. If somebody else reads them, great! If not, I still have them out in the world.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, my interests are pretty wide. I could be writing about people I know, or people I’ve never met. I could be discussing the finer whiskies that have entered my life, or possibly my esoteric tastes in music. There might be topics in neo-Paganism or Heathenry, or I might be sharing construction tips for a kick-ass cabinet. Some days, things might get political. On others, there might be recipes. Or pictures of my cats. Because, after all, I have at least some idea of what generates real traffic.

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